On the 7th of April 2017, meeting with the representatives of the national refugee communities was held in the office of the Civic Organization “The Tenth of April”. Representatives of the Afghan, Syrian and African refugee communities participated as well as the representatives of UNHCR Kyiv office and Public movement “Faith, Hope, Love”. During thoughtful discussion, the issues of national refugee communities activities, problems they are facing and the potential for communities capacity building were discussed.

As a result of the meeting, “The Tenth of April” staff was approached by the representatives of the Syrian refugee community – Al-Rashid Iyad Abazid and Rashid Abazid Aiman Esmail – with the intention to register their NGO for refugees and national minorities rights protection.  “The Tenth of April” staff prepared the required package of documents and accompanied Iyad and Aiman to the State Registration Service in Odesa.

On the 13th of October, NGO “Syriana” was officially registered according to the legislation requirements. The aim of its activities was established as the protection of the fundamental rights of asylum-seekers, refugees, persons in need of complementary protection and representatives of national minorities, and the creation of a humane, just civil society, the protection of the individuals’ political, religious, cultural and economic rights, as well as the realization of ideas of humanism and compassion for people, implementation of socially useful humanitarian activities in the interests of the most vulnerable categories of the population and assisting the state authorities and local self-governmental bodies in their humanitarian activities.

NGO “Syriana” is already planning to hold different events, aimed at the personal development of young people and women-refugees. The representatives “Syriana” are planning to establish language and computer courses, dance, sports and music clubs, as well as  ensure the provision of psychological support for refugee women and the promotion of their local integration. In its turn, Civic Organization “The Tenth of April” provides the legal support for “Syriana” and prepares the package of documents for registration for another refugee NGO.

Non-Governmental Organization “Syriana”

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Tel. (073) 144-55-65

e-mail: [email protected]